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About Us

(Utah is home to some of the world's best snow ... AND SOFTWARE)


Romaric Corporation is a world leader in Automation and Throughput Optimization Software, and a widely known provider of world-class Material Control System (MCS) software for Semiconductor, flat-panel display, warehousing, retail, medical device, and other related industries.

Romaric specializes in providing the highest possible factory throughput in controlling robotic transportation and storage equipment via its proprietary technology. Romaric has now deployed 70+ worldwide implementations of its product set based on the Romaric Automation Control Engine. Romaric is now making “RACE” available for software groups interested in developing automation controls, but not wanting to reinvent from scratch, thus saving many months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on new development. And the reduction in risk from building on RACE cannot be over emphasized.


Romaric maintains a culture of delivering on the commitments we’ve made to customers and each other. Keeping commitments is and always has been paramount.


The mission of Romaric is to improve the ability of our customers and partners to meet the ever-growing throughput demands of an increasingly automated world.


The purpose of the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE) is to provide others with a significant and already-proven head start in the creation of new automation software products.


Product excellence begins with the commitment of top management and extends to every employee in the organization. Romaric ensures our products are defined, designed, developed, and tested to meet our customers’ requirements. Romaric accomplishes this through our total commitment to:

  • Follow established methodologies and procedures rigorously;
  • Listen to our customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Conduct regular design and code reviews;
  • Design, develop, and execute inter-component, integration, throughput, and reliability test plans to completely and absolutely test the product prior to each software release;
  • Involve all employees in the process of continual improvement;
  • Deliver high quality, reliable products on time.