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semiconductor AMHS

The World’s Only 3rd Generation MCS in Semiconductor Industry

Romaric initially established itself in the semiconductor industry by providing material control system (MCS) consulting and development services to companies like Asyst Technologies and Daifuku.

Early on, Romaric’s team created the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE) to build its own automation product line focused on controlling and managing automated material handling systems (AMHS) in the semiconductor, flat-panel display (FDP) and related industries.

The Romaric Material Dispatcher (Roma MD), built on RACE, is the world’s only 3rd generation MCS in the semiconductor industry, specializing in throughput optimizations that were only dreamed about in the first two generations.  With the creation of the Romaric Emulation System for Quality (RES-Q), Romaric has been able to accurately illustrate throughput and operation of the actual AMHS (not simple simulation).

In 2008, Romaric partnered with Daifuku to develop a control system, built on RACE, to control the flow of nitrogen in buffer locations where FOUPS are temporarily stored in semiconductor fabs.