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SANDY, UT October 5, 2023Romaric Corporation has reached an impressive milestone, surpassing over 100 deployments worldwide. These deployments encompass a diverse range of Romaric products, including custom adaptations tailored to various industries. Our expanding global presence solidifies our reputation as the go-to partner for organizations seeking mission-critical automation solutions.

At the core of Romaric’s success are ours robust and innovative products, which have played a central role in reaching this milestone.

RACE™: The Romaric Automation Control Engine is a multi-layer, multi-purpose architecture, and library of functions that can easily be extended to facilitate product development across various automation software applications.

ROMA MD™ MCS: Romaic’s Material Dispatcher is the world’s only third-generation Material Control System (MCS) that employs advanced optimization algorithms to boost throughput, slash delivery times, minimize waits, and enhance transport efficiency. Case studies reveal up to 30% throughput improvement when replacing an old MCS with ROMA MD™.

RES-Q™: The Romaric Emulation System for Quality is your trusted partner for risk reduction and enhanced production efficiency. With Digital Twins for your entire production setup, it covers storage, material transport, and more. RES-Q™ stands out with its Factory Emulation capabilities, allowing precise modeling and optimization of scenarios.

Source Code Licencing: The open architecture of RACE™ allows users to create or modify existing features to suit their needs. The framework has been designed to allow for easy integration with different types of hardware. As a result, RACE™ is an ideal solution for users who want to build or upgrade their control system to control all robot functions from different vendors in the same facility. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, RACE™ is quickly becoming the automation solution for many users.

Future Outlook

Romaric Corporation’s achievement of over 100 global deployments highlights its dedication to innovation and excellence. As technology continues to progress, Romaric remains committed to enhancing its automation solutions, helping organizations succeed in our ever-changing world.