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Romaric, a world-class automation software products and integration service provider, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.  

Janurary 29, 2021


Romaric specializes in providing the highest possible factory throughput in controlling robotic material transport and storage equipment and devices.

Romaric was “born” in the upstairs loft of a wood milling company by three not-so-geeky software engineers in January 2001.  Rory Gagon, Mark Swanson and Eric Baggaley (“RO-MAR-RIC”) built the company based on the principle of making and keeping commitments, and quick evaluation and resolution of any problem.

From the very beginning, Romaric’s mission was to “astound our customers with our ability to meet our commitments”.  Despite all the changes over the last two decades, one thing has remained constant, Romaric has been unwavering in this mission.  Although the formal mission statement was recently modernized, this core value has never changed.

 With an initial and ongoing focus on semiconductor factories, over the past several years, Romaric has expanded and adapted its products and services to support factory automation in retail, flat-panel display, solar, medical device, automated parking and other industries striving to take advantage of the vast throughput improvements made possible by automation.

Romaric has now successfully deployed its product set, built on the Romaric Automation Control Engine (“RACE”), in over 60 world-wide deployments.  With the licensing of its source code to other developers and startups, Romaric has vastly expanded its growth potential.

In an interview with founder and president Rory Gagon, he said “We are not just about automation, but rather a keen focus on maximizing the throughput of each factory through advanced scheduling, routing and bottleneck avoidance algorithms and AI technology.”

Looking ahead, the vision of Romaric is one that remains clear and unwavering.  The commitment to provide the best products and services to its customers, and always, always meet its commitments.  With its achievement of being in the Inc. 5000 for two years running, and recent office expansion into Asia, the future of Romaric looks very promising.