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Maximizing Throughout 

The Romaric Material Dispatcher™ is the world’s only third-generation Material Control System (MCS). Advanced optimization algorithms maximize throughput, reduce delivery times, minimize wait times, and significantly improve transport moves per hour. It can dynamically adapt and improve performance as behavioral patterns are learned.​  Case studies show up to 30% throughput improvement when an existing fab replaces its old MCS with Roma MD.

This video is an an example of where ROMA MD™ would operate in a semiconductor fab (or other) enviroment.

Advanced and Comprehensive MCS for the Semiconductor Industry

Roma MD can simultaneously control Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) equipment from multiple vendors and has integrated with Daifuku, Muratec, PRI, Stratus, Schiller, Shinko and several other equipment types for both 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.

A wide variety of interfaces with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have been implemented, including integration into PROMIS, Eyelit, Critical Manufacturing, Fab300, Workstream, FactoryWorks, AIS FabEagle, Camstar, Insite, MesTec and several other MES offerings.  Connectivity can be via a large variety of protocols and message sets, including SECS/GEM, CFX, E153, CORBA, TIBCO, MBX, DTPF, JMS, HSMS, TCP/IP, VFEI and many others.

Romaric Awarded Worldwide License Contract from Infineon for Material Control System and AMHS Emulator