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Minimize Risks 

The Romaric Emulation System for Quality (RES-Q™) ensures minimal risk for implementation of any control system into a production environment. RES-Q acts as separate Digital Twins with approximately 97% accuracy for all storage and material transport systems in a production environment, including vehicles, conveyors, Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT), Overhead Storage (OHS), Overhead Buffer (OHB), Zero Footprint Storage (ZFS) Automated Mobile Robots (AMR), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), and many more. All common error conditions can be created and tested in a controlled RES-Q environment in addition to dozens of other less common anomalies.​

Factory Emulation

RES-Q™ combines the behavior modeling of a simulator with the connectivity of an emulator. A single instance of RES-Q™ can simultaneously provide emulation for multiple AMHS, process tools, Equipment Interfaces (EI) and Host Systems.  RES-Q™ is so accurate that a control system (e.g., MCS) can’t distinguish if it is connected to the real equipment or the emulated equipment.​

Maximizing Return on Investment

RES-Q will maximize your ROI through pre-installation validation, parameter tuning, configuration modifications, offline troubleshooting, throughput testing and what-if scenarios. Each deployment of Roma MD or RACE Track includes a license of RES-Q™ for internal testing and simulation. RES-Q is an independent stand-alone product that can be used with any control system, even that of our biggest competitors.