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Romaric is pleased to announce that Brigham Young University computer science student Acacia Ricks is the first recipient of the Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship award.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student of BYU that exhibits a passion for software development, dedication to ongoing personal improvement, leadership skills, and an infectious attitude and an overall enthusiasm for life.

Acacia happily accepted an invitation to visit Romaric’s headquarters in Sandy, Utah, to learn more about the person for whom this award is named. Upon doing so, she stated, “It is a great honor to be awarded the Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship, especially after learning about his cheery attitude, passion for software, and excellence as a founder during my visit to Romaric.”

While at Romaric she also had the opportunity to learn about the exciting work Romaric is doing in the field of factory automation and Industry 4.0. Both Acacia and Romaric are hoping an internship in the summer of 2022 becomes a reality.

About Mark D. Swanson.

Mark was a perfectionist in his efforts to build the best software products possible in the field of factory automation and controls of material movement and storage devices. Himself a graduate of BYU in 1994, Mark spent his early career developing and deploying material control systems (MCS) in the semiconductor industry, before becoming a co-founder of Romaric in 2001. Mark spent his last few years with Alert Innovation utilizing the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE) to develop world-class controls and inventory management for the Alert Alphabot system, now installed in Walmart supercenters. Mark passed away in July 2020.