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Mirle MCS

Source Code for Easy Integration

Mirle joined Romaric’s Global Network in 2018 when it licensed RACE™ and our Material Control System (MCS) source code. Mirle successfully modified the standard SECS/GEM interfaces to include controls for its own automated material handling system (“AMHS”) devices.

The Mirle MCS can be used to control any of Mirle’s AMHS devices, as well as devices from other manufacturers that support the SECS/GEM interface.

About Romaric’s Source Code Licensing

RACE™ is a highly versatile automation framework that provides users with maximum flexibility in terms of hardware integration and features. The open architecture of RACE™ allows users to create or modify existing features to suit their needs. The framework has been designed to allow for easy integration with different types of hardware. As a result, RACE™ is an ideal solution for users who want to build or upgrade their control system to control all robot functions from different vendors in the same facility. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, RACE™ is quickly becoming the automation solution of choice for many users.