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Speed up the order fulfillment process and minimize errors

Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) are an essential part of keeping up with the surge in online grocery sales. By automating the order picking process, MFCs can help you keep up with demand and ensure that orders are filled accurately and efficiently. MFCs are equipped with the latest in automated technology, including robots that pick and sort orders. This helps speed up the order fulfillment process and minimizes errors.

However, MFCs can be a complex operation to manage. In order to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently, it is important to have a robust control system in place that can interoperate with the various types of robots used in an MFC.

Romaric Solutions

Romaric’s interoperable fleet management system will optimize the operation of an MFC. It can provide real-time visibility into the status of the robots and their workloads. It can also help to schedule and route orders in the most efficient way possible.

Alert Innovation, the company behind the Alphabot® system, chose Romaric software as a framework on which to control and integrate its Alphabot® system into grocery order fulfillment. Romaric software is now running in several Walmart supercenters, helping fulfill online grocery orders.

In addition to its interoperability, Romaric’s software solution is also flexible and scalable. As MFCs continue to evolve and become more complex, Romaric’s solution will be able to adapt accordingly. This flexibility and scalability will be essential in the future as MFCs become more widespread and adopted by more retailers.