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The annual Mark Swanson scholarship has a new recipient for the academy year 2023 – Jack Shunn

September 12, 2023

SANDY, UT The Mark D. Swanson scholarship, named after one of Romaric’s co-founders, is an annual award given to a student who shows a strong interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), a strong desire for self-improvement, exceptional leadership skills, and a zest for life similar to Mark’s qualities. This year, Romaric partnered with the University of Utah to grant the scholarship to Jack Shunn.

Jack is a third-year student, majoring in Computer Science. He’s passionate about applying computer science to address global challenges and looks forward to diverse career opportunities after graduation.

In the past year, Jack volunteered to design a circuit board and web app for a local Alcoholics Anonymous office. He also assisted a graduate student with natural language processing research to improve state-of-the-art document raking techniques.

Jack values the Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship, which allows him to pursue more undergraduate research opportunities. He aims to lead a research project and publish a paper before graduating, inspired by Mark D. Swanson’s achievements.


About The Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship

The Mark D. Swanson Scholarship, established in the summer of 2020 by Romaric Corporation, pays tribute to the memory of Mark D. Swanson, one of Romaric’s co-founders, Vice President, and board member. This scholarship reflects Romaric’s commitment to perpetuating Mark’s legacy of excellence, wisdom, leadership, dedication to software development, continuous personal growth, infectious positivity, and zest for life. It aims to identify and support students who embody these remarkable qualities.

While financial need is taken into account, this scholarship is available to all students majoring in STEM and related fields at the University of Utah. Its main goal is to empower enthusiastic students to achieve their dreams of pursuing STEM and related degrees, aligning perfectly with the scholarship’s core mission.