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Rory M. Gagon

Founder, CEO and President

Eric Baggaley

Co-Founder and CTO

Sherman Gagon

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Price

SVP Customer Satisfaction 

Bill Madsen

VP of Software Development

Bernardo Ospina

Director, Global Channels & Alliances

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QA Manager

Michael Bowcutt

Director of Sales Engineering




Mark was a perfectionist in his efforts to build the best software products possible in the field of factory automation and controls of material movement and storage devices. Himself a graduate of BYU in 1994, Mark spent his early career developing and deploying material control systems (MCS) in the semiconductor industry, before becoming a co-founder of Romaric in 2001. Mark spent his last few years with Alert Innovation utilizing the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE) to develop world-class controls and inventory management for the Alert Alphabot system, now installed in Walmart supercenters. Mark passed away in July 2020.