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Industry 4.0

Romaric has been in the forefront of the Fourth Industry Revolution

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing modern manufacturing, creating more intelligent factories capable of harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, cloud computing and analytics, AI, and machine learning. However, long before this new industry era dawned, semiconductor factories had already begun utilizing these unprecedented capabilities to boost their efficiency over 40 years ago.
As a leader in providing Automation Solutions to one of the most technologically- advanced sectors for more than 20 years, this places Romaric at the forefront of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Romaric has the experience, in both consulting and software development, in the industries listed below.

If you are building new software control systems for these or other industries, the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE™) will get you to the finish line much sooner with less cost and greatly reduced risk, thus maximizing your ROI. Romaric offers source code licensing and development partnerships to help you create the systems necessary for smooth operation.
Contact us to find out how our existing products can be adapted to these and other industries or to learn how you can take advantage of Romaric’s head-start with RACE™.


Automated Parking


Smart Agriculture

Flat Panel Display

Medical Devices


Gas and Petroleum


Printed Circuit Board 

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