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Romaric Corporation is a world leader in Automation and Throughput Optimization Software, and a widely known provider of world-class Material Control System (MCS) software for Semiconductor, flat-panel display, warehousing, retail, medical device, and other related industries. Romaric specializes in providing the highest possible factory throughput in controlling robotic transportation and storage equipment via its proprietary technology. Romaric has deployed 70+ worldwide implementations of its product set based on the Romaric Automation Control Engine (RACE).

Romaric is now making RACE available for software groups interested in developing automation controls, but not wanting to reinvent from scratch, thus saving many months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, on new development. And the reduction in risk from building on RACE cannot be overemphasized.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
Time + Effort + Risk = Money; Save with RACE!

The Romaric Automation Control Engine is a multi-layer, multi-purpose architecture and library of functions that can easily be extended to facilitate product development across various automation software applications. It provides core enterprise services such as user and role management, low-latency event, device communication and debug logging, database persistence, high availability, failover, transactional integrity, security, data caching, process management and inter-process messaging, plus automation-specific functions like scheduling, equipment communication drivers, device management and statistics gathering. Any application built on RACE inherits these necessary, robust and scalable services. RACE is also designed to be computer platform and database agnostic, allowing the customer to determine the deployment computer hardware, operating system and database.

With 14+ years and 70+ successful implementations worldwide, RACE provides the rock-solid stability demanded by 24/7 factory automation systems.

RACE Can Be Implemented in Areas Like These and Many More

Current Romaric Products Powered by RACE


The Romaric Material Dispatcher is the world’s first and only Gen 3 Material Control System (MCS), used to control AMHS systems from any AMHS supplier, including Daifuku, Muratec (Murata), Shinko, PRI, Stratus, Schiller and many others. Connectivity to the MES Host can be through a large variety of protocols and message sets, including SECS/GEM, E153, CORBA, TIBCO, MBX, DTPF, JMS, HSMS, TCP/IP, VFIE and many others.


The Romaric Emulation System for Quality can be utilized to reduce the risk of implementing a new control system into production by up to 90% through accurate emulation of a large variety of robotic devices, including transport systems, storage systems, conveyors, robots, AGVs and the like. Romaric takes advantage of RES-Q with all its own 24×7 production installations, but you can take advantage of it as well to commission your own or a third party’s control system.


RACE Track is a low-level controller for vehicle transport systems, such as Daifuku, Murata and PRI. If you need additional productivity and throughput from your current AMHS vehicle-based transport system, RACE Track utilizes many enhanced vehicle management algorithms to gain up to 50% throughput improvements. This product is currently focused on 200mm semiconductor fabs, but can be adapted for 300mm and other industries as well.


RACE Purge is a controller for storage devices (stockers) in frontend semiconductor fabs to manage the flow of nitrogen or clean dry air for the purpose of keeping the air around the critical reticles and /or WIP at a CLASS 1 air quality.

Romaric Products Powered by RACE