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AMHS/MCS Assessment

Improving Throughput

It is important to have an efficient factory. By conducting an efficiency assessment, you can check up on the performance of your facility and make sure that there are no bottlenecks in your production process. Romaric’s efficiency assessment is designed to help you identify any areas where your facility could be more productive. With our experienced team of consultants, we can help you make the necessary changes to improve throughput and keep your facility running smoothly.

Does your AMHS configuration need a qualified assessment by Romaric experts?

Utilizing Our Experience 

Take advantage of Romaric’s vast experience in the area of material control through an independent assessment of your current fab operations. 

In one case where the customer was using an old MCS system, Romaric was able to identify major deficiencies in configuration settings and routing algorithms, and suggested steps that led to a 39% throughput improvement without requiring modifications to the MCS software.