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Master control system Alphabot®

Walmart and Romaric software

Complexity is the name of the game when it comes to automated fulfillment facilities. There are countless moving parts that all need to be coordinated in order for the facility to run smoothly.

In 2016, after a lengthy evaluation of RACE and Romaric’s other products, Alert Innovation chose Romaric software as the baseline to control and integrate its Alphabot® system used in grocery order fulfillment. Romaric software is now running in several Walmart Supercenters helping fulfill online grocery orders.

About RACE™

RACE™ is a highly versatile automation framework that provides users with maximum flexibility in terms of hardware integration and features. The open architecture of RACE™ allows users to create or modify existing features to suit their needs. The framework has been designed to allow for easy integration with different types of hardware.

As a result, RACE™ has an ideal solution for Alert Innovation, who wanted to build their control system to control all robot functions in the same facility. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, RACE™ is quickly becoming the automation solution of choice for many users.

Alert Innovation is developing a new mobile-robot material-handling technology, and we have had the great good fortune to license Romaric’s RACE™ platform, which we are adapting to use as the Master Control System that controls the bot fleet. As a result, the most technically challenging and complex element of our system has consistently been the most advanced in development and capability. In one of our first major investor demos, the embedded team missed their completion schedule and turned the bots over to MCS team for integration only two days before the demo. To everyone’s relief and amazement, the demo went off flawlessly. Kudos to our MCS team and also to Romaric!

John Lert

Alert Innovation