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The Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Romaric Corporation in the summer of 2020 to honor the life of Mark D. Swanson, Romaric co-founder, Vice President, and board member. It is the desire of Romaric Corporation to continue Mark’s legacy of excellence, wisdom, leadership, passion for software development, dedication to ongoing personal development, infectious positive attitude, and enthusiasm for life by offering the scholarship to a student who exhibits these same traits.

 The Mark D. Swanson Memorial Scholarship is an annual, merit-based scholarship that focuses on rewarding ambitious, dedicated, goal-oriented individuals with a background in computer science. Although financial need is considered, all students majoring in computer science, software engineering, or related field are encouraged to apply. Assisting passionate students in making their dream of majoring in Computer Science or related field a reality is the main goal of the scholarship.